February 22, 2010

Polytechnical Museum

the Polytechnical Museum - Moscow, Russia

We had a wonderfully sunny and not too cold day here in Moscow about a week ago, so I took the opportunity to explore an area of the city I found while walking around in the bitter cold 1 month ago. This is just one small part of the massive Polytechnical Museum, built in 1872. I haven't been inside yet, but the website says that it has 65 halls of exhibitions! This will be something good to do on a rainy day.


Trotter said...

Hi Ashira! Welcome back!! Great shot!!

Meanwhile, Blogtrotter 2 is at sea waiting for your comment. Hope you enjoy and have a great week!!

Sergio Klod said...

Hi Ashira ! ... I'm a Chilean friend. Recently, I've discovered your site and I've enjoyed your pics and reading the comments you write. Congratulations!!

3-G The Poet said...

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Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter,

Juan said...

Hi Ashira, I like your blog very much. I come from Canary Islands, Spain, but I am living in the south of Chile. It is a pleasure to visit you in your interesting blog.
Have a nice day!

Juan Antonio